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Law Firms must find ways to manage legal matter, client relationships and teamwork. LegaMIS Litigation Case Management System empowers your team to be even more efficient, saves you a lot of time, and enhances team collaboration as well as client and advocate relationships. From case management to communication tools, this solution is designed to help you work more efficiently and effectively.

Pain Areas of Legal Team

Law Firms do mange innumerable number of litigations filed against multiple organizations and lead by numerous attorneys that too in Different multiple locations. The following challenge arises in managing the multiple legal documents which support the multiple legal case proceedings.

Practical Questions

You must have experienced these questions getting asked by your Legal Team

How can we empower legal staff to efficiently follow up with clients and Attorneys?
How can we Track statutes and pending payments of Advocates?
How can we leverage technology to distribute Tasks among team members?
How do we track Different stages of multiple cases in the same time?

How LegaMIS can Help?

Effortless Matter Management and Payment expense scheduling.

Legamis software allows the user to store and manage the complete case details i.e. Case Description, Court, Title, Opposition party & attorney, etc. It provides a powerful engine to manage cases that are handled by law firms. This is a powerful tool to manage the Litigation cases for different jurisdiction and location effortlessly.

Efficient sharing of information with outside counsel and third-party Attorneys.

This Platform is highly secure which ensures greatest level of secrecy and confidentiality. It will allow only those personnel who are supposed to have access to the certain resources. In this way you can segregate departments, roles and individuals to control their workflows and permissions.

Written Statement filed or not is No-longer a Concern.

The dashboard has a blinking number feature which tells you which cases Written statement submission is pending or not. This platform gives you automated alerts and reminders on any task. So you and your team can always be on top of every workflow and Milestone. That too this can be customized as per requirement.

Get customized calendar of events and Due dates.

LegaMIS Case management solution leverages your organizational processes, integrates seamlessly with other applications, and provides a user-friendly interface, ensuring ease of use, smooth transitions with high adoption rates, and rapid time-to-value. You can always refer the inbuilt calendar to track important dates. Let us know how you want your calendar and consider it done.