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Contracts Manager Solution!


Legal Team

General counsel must find ways to both manage contract risk and increase contracting productivity on a limited budget. General counsel are often flooded with contract requests. The LegaMIS platform helps legal teams work faster, smarter and efficiently, with more visibility and insight for better managing risk and ensure compliance adherence.

Pain Areas of Legal Team

No legal department wants to be the bottleneck for contracts, but still General Counsels and Corporate legal professionals need to answer critical questions related to Contracts risk and Legaltech to mitigate such risks in their organizations.

Practical Questions

You must have experienced these questions getting asked by your Legal Team

How can we empower non-legal staff to fulfill critical legal requirements and enforce Compliance?
How can we secure and protect confidential and proprietary company data?
How can we leverage technology to mitigate reputation, business and financial risks?
What steps Legal team should take to align with Companies Digital Transformation?

How LegaMIS can Help?

Ensure Clause adherence and language of Contracts.

Legamis can provide pre-approved templates for non-legal teams. Legal Teams can create easy to fill Forms out of preexisting contracts. This helps in reducing risk because it ensures the appropriate language is being used, when the whole Contract is downloaded. This way, non-legal staff can take a more effective role in assembling contracts leaving legal personnel to focus on higher value activities.

Encryption and secured workflows with Access control

This Platform is Highly secure which ensures greatest level of secrecy and confidentiality. It will allow only those personnel who are supposed to have access to the certain resources. In this way you can segregate departments, roles and individuals to control their workflows and permissions.

Eliminate risks of missed due dates and contract Term.

This platform gives you automated alerts and reminders on any task that needs to be set on a certain date in the contract. This ensures you never miss another contractual obligation such as a renewal date, contract term, or milestone. From Notification settings you can choose frequency of alerts to be sent.

Create better contracts visibility and eliminate bottlenecks.

LegaMIS contract lifecycle solution leverages your organizational processes, integrates seamlessly with other mission critical applications, and provides a user-friendly interface, ensuring ease of use, smooth transitions with high adoption rates, and rapid time-to-value.