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Easy Integrations

Cloud Storage Integrations

Wherever you stored, bring it in one place

Add documents from Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. Importing your previously held documents from other cloud storage solutions was never been easy. We can custom design your Integrations needs. This highly resolves your Enterprise wise Document clutter, and seamlessly Integrates into One single cloud Service, LegaMIS.


On-Premise Integration

Connecting with your ERP is easy

Many ERP vendors such as Oracle and SAP, have integration platforms or middleware—to move data between the ERP application and any other software that needs to be integrated. We can align our solutions with our Web services API and present ERP System of yours. Without any hassle.


Cloud-to-Cloud Integration

Seamless integration with your Enterprise cloud

Service-level integration is common in B2B integrations, for example as integrating a shipping platform with a parcel carrier's back-end system. If you have such a need, never hesitate to choose LegaMIS. We can seamlessly integrate our proprietary services with your or your vendors cloud Application.