Worries Contracts Compliance Litigation



LegaMIS covers the complete contract cycle of financial lending and documents associated with it.


How to cope with ever-changing Compliances Regulations?
How to manage the complexities of cross-border regulatory standards?
Which laws and regulations specifically address corporate risk and compliance management?
How to increase Visibility into the Scope of Contracts?
How do we ensure the Security of confidential contract data both internally and externally?


LegaMIS serves the financial service sector through an easily configurable and integrated platform enabling organizations to turn their risk management activities into value creators. We have seen organizations use our solutions to reduce the burden of conformance, provide insights into actions and incorporate and utilize external data feeds to manage specific risks like compliance and control governance.

LegaMIS Public Sector Solutions delivers a comprehensive suite of services, including Financial and Performance Improvement, Risk Management, Technology & Data Analytics, and Strategic Communications.

Contracts that generate higher ROI and compliance that's keep Govt. Happy!
Banking, Fintech or Lending Financial services can leverage our services!
Tools to control and update contract templates and Compliance mandates!


Reduction in non-compliance issues and increased employee awareness about compliance initiative.

Custom workflows for policy and contract creation, distribution, renewal, and retirement.

Increased knowledge capture and information transfer through configurable forms and forced data capture.

Proactive email reminders and notifications when policies and contracts are due for revisions, renewal, expiration or retirement.

Actionable compliance and contracts – dashboards, reports, notifications, acknowledgments, revisions and escalation events.