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Manage physician contracts, vendor agreements and all types of medical contract risks.


How to ensure compliance with HIPAA and IRDAI?
How to decrease time spent on authoring our contracts?
How to maintain audit trail and versions for all the changes made to all kind of contracts?
How manage all executed contracts moreover where to search them?
How to reduce Mismanaged contracts that cause increased costs and reduced margins ?


LegaMIS can streamline enables healthcare organizations to streamline all contract authoring and execution processes, reduce risks, and create technology enabled better compliance management framework. We have specially designed features for Healthcare businesses.

LegaMIS Solutions can help ensure easy contract authoring, generate real-time visibility into contracts such as Insurance Management, Business Partner Agreements at clause and SLA level and drive compliance throughout the lifecycle of the contract.

Better vendor contracts that are easy to change, review and implement!
Hospitals, Clinics and other Healthcare teams can leverage the potential of Automation!
Easy Tools to control and update contract templates and Compliance mandates!


LegaMIS offers ready made contract tracking with configurable fields. Get started quickly managing, drafting, and tracking contracts.

Shortened cycle time for contract creation and execution.

Improved contract compliance and control over contractual obligations.

Enhanced security & collaboration across business functions.

Reminders for renewals, clause execution dates to ensure conformance of legal contract at all time.