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Offer letters to managing Client contracts, HR companies can utilize LegaMIS to the fullest.


How to digitize paper-based contracts in filing cabinets or employee desks?
Breaches of non-compete clauses or issues arising from an insufficient non-compete clause being included in the agreement?
How to Prevent Contractors claiming entitlements of an employee due to wrong drafted contracts?
How to prevent Breaches of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)?
How to track manage and implement ever-changing Labor Employment Laws?


LegaMIS contract management solution optimizes contract lifecycle management by streamlining every step of the contract management process automating predictable steps and providing the information and tools personnel need to drive work forward.

LegaMIS document quality can be significantly improved through error-free processes and documents. Your company corporate design rules are taken into account for all documents created. With automated contract creation, employment contracts, contract amendments or contract supplements can be digitally managed. In HR departments, quality assurance and streamlining of processes related to contracts can in this way be easily achieved.

Stand out as a modern employer by using a smart solution and efficient Hiring!
Stay aware of all upcoming contract-related actions!
All of your contracts at the tip of your fingers!


Managing your HR-related contracts online ensures end-to-end visibility, a clear audit trail, and a reduction in confusion.

Paperless contracts are a clear and modern way for HR to play their part in productivity.

Reducing Manual processes and Saving time, effort and resources.

Monitoring the performance and influence of a contract is as easy a click of a button.

Simplify contract creation and review process and Update recent policies concurrently.