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We deliver a comprehensive suite of solutions like Govt. Compliance and contracts risk Mitigation.


How to Manage Ever-Increasing Number of Regulatory Compliances?
Which laws and regulations specifically address corporate risk and compliance management?
How to manage cross demography vendor contracts and get them approved?
How to manage relevant documents and share securely for Auditing?


LegaMIS serves the public sector through two separate but related practices: the Public Sector & Government Contracts group assists businesses through all phases of contracting, including complying with government regulatory requirements, assisting clients to implement or enhance existing internal controls to mitigate risks of noncompliance, preparing for and responding to government auditors, efficiently managing government business, and controlling the dispute process through risk avoidance, and litigation support;

LegaMIS Public Sector Solutions delivers a comprehensive suite of services, including Financial and Performance Improvement, Risk Management, Technology & Data Analytics, and Strategic Communications.

Contracts that generate business value!
Easily reach out to competent resources!
Tools to control and update contract templates and Compliance mandates!


Create complaint contracts faster and reduce risk by implementing enterprise standards, policies that govern their use, and tools to allow flexible administration.

Streamline the entire Regulation process and eliminate process disparity, cut cycle time, and automate mandatory compliance notification.

Ensure accountability and transparency by creating a readily available record of contracting actions, public expenditures which ensures that payment is commensurate with performance.

Provides compliance dashboards and risk heat maps which offer enterprise-wide visibility into compliance management systems, and highlight issues that need to be addressed.

Integrates document management with change control capabilities that keep compliance documentation and business processes in sync.