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From managing rental and lease renewals to vendor contract management, LegaMIS covers all.


How to Track all of our store Lease renewals?
How to manage Rent escalation schedules of our stores?
How to be on top of regulations that can risk our growth?
How to increase Visibility into Direct and indirect procurement contracts?
How do we ensure supplier's Turn-Around-Time (TAT) and penalties via contract Management?


LegaMIS serves the Retail industry-specific CMS system, which helps to integrate all the activities needed to handle the business of Retail from supplier to customer and from shop-floor to executive suite. This Platform helps to manage all types of operations such as franchising and retailing.

LegaMIS Solutions delivers a comprehensive suite of services, including compliance to commercial, performance and risk-management terms across borders and also to systematically and consistently address variable governmental, legal regulatory and taxation frameworks.

Communication with business, legal and third-party made easy!
Vital information for data analytics that control costs and improves revenue!
Easy visibility to contractual obligations, milestones, deliverables!


Reduction in non-compliance issues and increased employee awareness about compliance initiative.

Custom workflows for policy and contract creation, distribution, renewal, and retirement.

Increased knowledge capture and information transfer through configurable forms and forced data capture.

Proactive email reminders and notifications when policies and contracts are due for revisions, renewal, expiration or retirement.

Actionable compliance and contracts – dashboards, reports, notifications, acknowledgments, revisions and escalation events.