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From managing rental and lease renewals to vendor contract management, LegaMIS covers all.


How we centralize our Vendor Agreements and Standardize?
How to be aware of critical dates and Clauses that govern our supply chain?
How to we figure out who are the Key stakeholders and communicate with them?
How we align our ongoing monitoring process with the new system?
How do we ensure supplier's Turn-Around-Time (TAT) and penalties via contract Management?


LegaMIS reduces the costs of complex logistics management processes by managing contracts with total control over delivery schedules, payments and supporting documents.

LegaMIS Solutions can track complex regulatory compliance details with easy to view checklists and custom reporting. You can easily locate important terms and conditions, key dates and financial information in one simple-to-use and secured central contracts repository.

Generate custom reports of key actionable items and performance indicators!
Securely access agreements and other important documentation!
Dncreases approval cycle times and contracts expenditure substantially!


Get complete visibility into your end-to-end contract process and control expenses.

Mitigate risk of failing to meet regulatory obligations as well as missed deadlines, dates, and other milestones.

Increased knowledge capture and information transfer through configurable forms and forced data capture.

Transform your contract data into actionable insights and configure data to your specific business needs.

Centralize and automate the entire contract lifecycle and provide real time ability to monitor every single agreement, deadline, and obligation important to your organization.