Why Choose Us?

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Lifecycle Management Solution!


Affordable Pricing

Comprehensive suite to handle any Contract Requirement.

Never Pay for Users

Paying for per user is like paying for extortion.

You don't have to pay for number of users who are using our Solution. Our solution has No Restriction on users using our Platform. Feel free to on-board as many people as you want. Adopting new technology was never so affordable before. With our UNLIMITED USERS offer, never hesitate to put this word to your peer, next door.


Only Pay for the items used

Modular pricing helps you scale as you grow.

Your present scale should not deter you to adopt our sate of art solutions. Be it only 10 contracts or 10,000 contracts. Be there 10 compliances or 1000 compliances. Only pay for that number of item that you plan to use. This way you can keep a control on your budget and focus on your BUSINESS MORE and Worry Less! We are here to keep you covered.


Design your solution cost

You decide how much you want to spend.

We have a straight forward pricing system. You can select how many items you want to manage via our simple quantity drop down. Choose how you want to subscribe with us. There is Monthly | Annually Options. Get cool discounts when you commit for a longer period. Whatever you choose, we can assure you that you are in Control. A 15 days extended FREE trial run can get you started within No time.