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A complete Risk Management solution for any Enterprise.

Quick On-boarding

Very Simple to Learn and Use.

The compliance management system is easy to learn, navigate and use. It is simple and intuitive to configure, customize and maintain. The system comes with templates for common compliance tasks. The ability to access the solution from any Device makes it more appealing.


Compliance Calendar

Be on top of any compliance risk.

The system includes a compliance calendar programmed to provide reminders to compliance staff to complete tasks within deadlines. The solution automatically sends reminder to compliance personnel and firm employees to perform certain required tasks by a predefined due date.


Easy Monitoring and review system

The system allows different access permission to different roles. The company compliance officer can assign compliance tasks to other officers and review whether the tasks have been completed, having discrepancy or in progress. Being able to approve the work other staff before it becomes part of the permanent record is another useful function.


Custom Development

For Specific needs we Customize our solutions.

Should you have a need for specific change request? Don't hesitate to let us know. We will be more than Happy to listen to You, and give you a Tailor made feel. Our Account Management Team is highly trained to understand your specific change request and will do their Best to give the best feasible solution.


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