Worries Contracts Compliance Litigation



Streamline and automate all contracting processes and have a better compliance framework.


How to stay competitive and compliant while processing large volumes of contracts, many of which are third party supplier contracts?
How to draft contracts quickly and meet all compliance clauses, regulations, and obligations?
How to prevent delays due to manual contracting and limited scope for inter-departmental collaboration?
How to decrease approval cycle times and contracts expenditure substantially for our firm ?
How to monitor performance throughout the contract period and suppliers gets reminders to their obligations?


With LegaMIS stay on top of contract performance via tracking key metrics and milestones alerts and ensure no payments and obligations are missed by suppliers and vendors. Our automated workflow systems maintain positive customer and supplier relationships through controlled information flow and accountability matrix.

You can draft contracts quickly with LegaMIS. Our online editor, review and compare vendor and supplier contracts helps to analyze with ease. Easily access suppliers past contracts and analyze compliance risks involved.

Internal approval workflow to ensure that all contracts are approved by management Authority!
Store and manage all executed contracts within indexed, searchable and secure repository!
Alerts and Reminders for renewals to ensure availability of legal contract at all time!