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Ensure a zero non-compliance and mitigation of contract risks via LegaMIS.


How to monitor complex vendor partnerships and local compliance?
How to decrease time spent on authoring our contracts?
We miss key milestones and key dates resulting in unwanted renewals and unexpected expiry dates.
How digitalize Fragmented contract management driven by manual contract management processes?
How to reduce Mismanaged contracts that cause increased costs and reduced margins?


LegaMIS can streamline all contracting processes, reduce risks, and design a better compliance management framework. You can control the entire contract lifecycle to ensure all compliance documents such as those for FDA and European Medicines Agency (EMA) are met.

LegaMIS Solutions can help you create online contracts, e-sign, store, and manage all contracts within a centralized, searchable and secure document repository. You can easily assess existing vendor performance on their key performance parameters.

Contracts that generate higher ROI and compliance that's keep Govt. Happy!
Pharmaceuticals, Clinical Research services can leverage our services!
Tools to control and update contract templates and Compliance mandates!


LegaMIS offers ready-made contract tracking with fully configurable fields. Get started quickly managing, drafting, and tracking contracts.

Simplify and distribute the management of all your contract types including Lab personnel, consulting, R&D, and outsourcing agreements.

Increased knowledge capture and information transfer through configurable forms and forced data capture.

Transform your contract data into actionable insights and configure data to your specific business needs.

Centralize and automate the entire clinical trial contract lifecycle and properly manage and track your CDAs, Clinical Trial Agreements, and important line items within your contracts.