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Contracts Manager Solution!


Legal Team

LegaMIS lets you automate your administrative contract management processes. Our contract automation platform empowers salespeople to create, send and finalize contracts in no time and end of the day help them to close more deals. This increases the efficiency of the sales cycle and lets Sales team focus on finding and retaining customers instead.

Letting your sales team focus on doing business, instead of administrative contracting tasks, makes them happy while also improving your bottom line.

Pain Areas of Sales Team

Contract Process suddenly slows down; during the time to create a contract and have concerned people review it and the concerned signatories approve it. And as organizations number of deals increases, so do the pain associated with your contract process.

Practical Questions

You must have experienced these questions getting asked by your sales Team

We have to close a Deal. How long legal team needs to draft our agreements?
I requested a contract but I don't know where it is struck in company's process?
How we review and accept clients Redlines on multiple Agreements?
Approvers are delaying to sign contracts and we are waiting. Do they know about it?

LegaMIS Contract management solution is the answer to all those questions when it comes to addressing sales team's achievements and their struggles with fulfilling contract process.

How LegaMIS can Help?

Close business faster with pre-approved Contract Templates.

Sales teams don't like legal jargon as much as legal teams don't want Sales editing their set terms and conditions. Pre-approved templates allow both sides to get the maximum benefit by letting Sales be independent in their contract creation while giving Legal the assurance that the proper wording is used. Ultimately, deals get closed faster the sooner a contract can be sent out after a verbal agreement.

Quickly Review and Approve Contracts.

With automated workflow system and online contract editor you can ensure contracts are quickly and automatically routed to the appropriate party to keep deals moving forward and on track. Also, for internal and external approvals, leverage our e-signature to get contracts executed fast and efficiently.

Be on the top of Negotiations with Client.

LegaMIS platform eliminates back and forth email edits and negotiations with built-in contract creation capabilities and redline edits. Automated alerts and reminders notifications are triggered whenever there is an Edit and all Stake Holders are informed.

Transaction TAT tracking System.

LegaMIS ensures a digital audit trail is implemented. Here Approver gets reminders to approve a Contract, which had an approval due date. This transparent audit trail is automatic as every action is recorded online, meaning anyone on the team can accurately trace transactions in contract lifecycle.