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Procurement and Purchasing

By centralizing and automating procurement processes, including purchasing and supplier communication, organizations have the transparency to be more strategic in their sourcing and negotiations.

With LegaMIS, organizations can proactively manage all aspects of the procurement and contract management lifecycle to improve performance

Pain Areas of Legal Team

Most procurement and purchasing departments still rely on shared folder solutions like SharePoint or Dropbox, employee hard drives, email, and spreadsheets to manage the pre- and post-award phases of your buy-side contracts. Unfortunately, this approach makes the overall management of your contracts inefficient, time-consuming, potentially inaccurate, and unnecessarily exposes your organization to risk.

Practical Questions

You must have experienced these questions getting asked by your Procurement Team

Which suppliers are performing best?
How to track contracts which are due for renewal this month?
Which clause terms are associated with payment in this Agreement?
Do internal stakeholders and Departments are fine with SLAs?

How LegaMIS can Help?

End-to-end visibilityinprocurement cycles.

LegaMIS provides end-to-end visibility by enabling your contract data to be structured at the organizational level as well as document level. So, you can easily keep track and manage contract terms, dates, and other important information by supplier, contract obligations like TAT and many more.

Missed Deadlines will be things of past

LegaMIS contract system sends automated alerts and reminders ensure purchasing and procurement staff are notified in advance of important contractual obligations such as deadlines, renewals, or other milestones. This completely eliminates missed deadlines and can save you both money and time.

Identify Clause and sections of Agreements easily.

Teams can easily search on clause types or other specific obligations to identify contracts that are impacted by changes to your corporate policies such as a new certificate of issuance, privacy policy, or limitation of liability. You can Search words or sentence to match your query.

Answering internal stakeholders never been easier.

With LegaMIS, you have complete visibility of which stage and what status of every contract, anytime. The platform helps contract management for procurement and purchasing to accelerate your contract management processes resulting in shorter contract cycles.