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Lifecycle Management Solution!


Operation Support

Onboarding Support

Hand-held on each step of exploring our platform

You will feel at home when you migrate from your Old Process to new LegaMIS dashboard. All old spreadsheet, databases can be migrated to our system with ease; our Dedicated on-boarding team will help you do all the Heavy stuff, While you relax and enjoy the new on-boarding process.


In-App Support Widget

Helpful Self-service Resources at your Finger-tips

Our solution is quite self-explanatory. Even then if you require any help we are there for you. Our In-App support which is easily available, entitles you to search any support article by Keywords. Even if you arenot entirely sure how to phrase your question, you'll likely be able to find the article that answers it.


Omni-channel Support

No chance of Re-explaining your Query

Any user can choose between live chat, phone support, email and Twitter for all of their support needs. Our Customer Success team is equipped to provide excellent support on each channel we offer, and you'll be delighted to know, be it which channel you choose to get support, we are there for you.