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Secured Storage

Secured Access Control

Hardened cloud services & resources

We use a unified framework to manage user authentication through business rules that determine appropriate user access based on organizational role, the system accessed, the data requirements, and workflow assignments, independently of the device used.


GDPR Compliant Data Security

No compromise on rigorous compliance certifications

Our infrastructure undergoes a detailed audit to ensure that sensitive data is processed, transmitted, and stored in a fully secure and protected manner to get this certification. SOC 2: Helps in the regulation in regulatory compliance oversight, internal risk management processes, and vendor management programs.


Thorough out Encryption

Data in transition is encrypted end to end

We ensure the highest level of security, all interaction with servers happens over SSL transmission. Only within the cloud service provider network should the SSL terminate. For data at rest too, encryption is essentially applied. Field-level encryption is also provided by our cloud service provider.